Cocaine Addiction Treatment

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About Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction is a complex disorder characterized by an uncontrollable desire to use cocaine despite adverse consequences. It affects the brain’s reward system, leading to intense cravings and compulsive drug-seeking behavior.

Cocaine’s short-lived euphoria prompts users to consume more to sustain the high, increasing the risk of addiction and health complications.

Recognizing the signs early, such as increased tolerance, withdrawal symptoms, and neglect of responsibilities, is crucial for seeking timely intervention.

Our cocaine addiction treatment program at Nueva Vida Recovery Home offers a structured and comprehensive approach to addressing the challenges of cocaine use disorder.

Lasting for a duration of 21 days, our program provides individuals with the opportunity to engage in evidence-based therapies, counseling sessions, and tailored interventions aimed at promoting recovery and long-term sobriety.

Throughout the program, participants receive 24-hour supervision and support from experienced professionals, ensuring their safety and well-being.

At Nueva Vida Recovery Home, our 21-day Residential Recovery Plan offers a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment. The program includes:

  • Residential Housing: Comfortable and supportive living arrangements for 21 days.
  • Food & Beverages: Nutritious meals and beverages provided throughout your stay.
  • One-on-One Psychologist Assistance: Personalized sessions with a licensed psychologist to address individual needs.
  • Group Therapy: Participation in group therapy sessions based on the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).
  • Therapeutic Modalities: Access to additional therapeutic activities such as meditation and yoga to promote holistic healing.
  • Tours and Activities: Engaging in local tours and activities with transportation included, to enhance the recovery experience.

Our cocaine addiction treatment program is led by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals with expertise in addiction recovery.

Our staff members possess extensive clinical experience, specializing in evidence-based therapies and interventions tailored to address the complexities of cocaine addiction.

With backgrounds in psychology, psychotherapy, and addiction counseling, our team is equipped to provide comprehensive care and support to individuals seeking recovery from Cocaine addiction in La Paz, Mexico.

Nueva Vida Recovery Home distinguishes itself from other rehabilitation centers through its unique approach to addiction treatment. Unlike traditional locked-down facilities, our program offers a voluntary stay in a non-locked environment, emphasizing autonomy and personal responsibility in the recovery process.

Additionally, our program is the only one of its kind in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico, providing a more accessible and affordable option compared to facilities in the United States.



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Frequently Asked Questions on Cocaine addiction and Treatment

What are the signs and symptoms of cocaine addiction?

Signs and symptoms of cocaine addiction include intense cravings, increased tolerance, financial problems, neglecting responsibilities, mood swings, social withdrawal, restlessness, and risky behaviors. Physical signs may include dilated pupils, rapid speech, nosebleeds, and weight loss.

Cocaine addiction can be treated through a combination of behavioral therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing,  as well as supportive measures like group and individual counseling.

The typical duration of a cocaine addiction treatment program at Nueva Vida Recovery Home is 21 days.

Yes, the treatment program at Nueva Vida Recovery Home is personalized for each patient to address their specific needs and circumstances.

When coming to Nueva Vida Recovery Home for treatment, you should bring comfortable clothing for 21 days, personal hygiene items, any prescribed medications, identification (ID or passport) and a list of any allergies or medical conditions.