About nueva vida recovery home

New life, new direction

Nueva Vida Recovery Home is a residential addiction treatment center located in the peaceful city of La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

We provide a safe and nurturing environment for individuals seeking to overcome substance addiction and rediscover a fulfilling life.

Our facility is designed to be a sanctuary where healing and recovery can take place, offering a unique model of voluntary stay in a non-locked environment.

Our Vision and Approach

Our approach to addiction treatment is comprehensive and holistic, addressing the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of each guest. We offer a range of services, including group and individual therapy, recovery education, and diverse practices tailored to support long-term recovery. Our team of experienced professionals provides 24-hour supervision and support, ensuring that each guest receives personalized care in a secure and supportive setting.

At Nueva Vida Recovery Home, we emphasize autonomy and personal responsibility, empowering individuals to take an active role in their recovery journey. Our unique model of voluntary stay in a non-locked environment fosters a sense of independence and accountability, which are crucial for sustainable recovery. We also prioritize accessibility and affordability, offering a high-quality alternative to more costly programs in the United States. Our serene location in La Paz, combined with our dedicated staff and comprehensive services, creates an ideal environment for individuals to heal and rebuild their lives.

meet our dedicated team

Gary Hartman


Gary is the founder and owner of Nueva Vida. He established Nueva Vida Recovery Home to assist others struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, drawing from his personal journey to sobriety. Gary battled alcohol addiction for many years, undergoing treatment at five different centers, participating in three outpatient programs, and making numerous attempts to quit on his own. 

Despite trying to stay sober for his wife, children, job, and due to court mandates, lasting sobriety remained out of reach. It was only when he admitted defeat that he found a new direction and a pathway to a new life.

Kate Mounts

Kate is a retired Licensed Clinical Social Worker (MSW/LCSW) with 30+ years of clinical social work and therapeutic experience.

She will provide clinical assessment, intake, counseling, and discharge planning services on an as-needed basis, with all work to take place at Nueva Vida del Cortes Recovery Home.

Eli Verdugo

Licensed Psychotherapist (MSc/BaPsy)

With over 7 years of community support experience and more than 2 years of therapeutic practice, Eli Verdugo brings a wealth of expertise to Nueva Vida del Cortés Recovery Home. As a licensed psychotherapist from La Paz, BCS, Eli holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (Honors) from Mexico City and a Master’s degree from Victoria, Canada.

With a focus on systemic psychotherapy and a gender and human rights perspective, Eli facilitates one-on-one counseling sessions and group sessions at our facility. Their approach prioritizes creating a safe environment for patients to explore their history and shape their present, fostering personal transformation in the process.

Rigo Evangelista


Rigo, 41, serves as the manager of Nueva Vida del Cortes Recovery Home, having settled in La Paz BCS Mexico in 2019 with no plans to leave. Previously, he struggled with addiction, seeking treatment in four rehab centers over five years until a spiritual awakening led to profound change.

Recognizing the need for help, Rigo embraced a new direction, finding peace and fulfillment in his transformed life. Now dedicated to aiding others in their recovery journey, he draws from his personal experience to offer support and insight to those battling addiction.

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